Exploiting Amazon’s weak spots – with Doug Stephens

In this on-demand webinar Episerver and retail industry futurist Doug Stephens discusses how retailers can beat ecommerce giants through better customer experiences. Doug explains the five components of great customer experiences, and Episerver shows how to make them a reality.

Founder of the consultancy Retail Prophet, Doug’s cutting-edge thinking influences clients like Google, eBay, Microsoft, L'Oréal and BMW. His latest book is Reengineering Retail: The Future of Selling in a Post-Digital World.

“The magnitude of what companies like Amazon and Alibaba are doing is astonishing,” Doug says. “The idea that you can compete with them on a product and price-driven proposition is foolhardy. Yet these brands were never designed to deliver engaging experiences – if there is a blind spot or Achilles heel, that’s it.”

In this webinar, Doug discusses why so many companies fail in creating better customer experiences, and the five things all great experiences should have.

You will also see how Episerver’s solution for Experience-Driven Commerce can help you implement Doug’s ideas.

Justin Anovick, VP Product at Episerver, presents our digital commerce solutions and how companies use them to gain a competitive advantage. Marcus Hoffman, Solution Architect Manager at Episerver, shows them in action. Watch now to see how you can easily: 

  • Combine content and commerce to improve storytelling
  • Personalize product recommendations to increase revenue
  • Individualize content increase engagement 



Doug Stephens
Retail industry futurist
Author of Reengineering Retail

Justin Anovick
VP Product

Marcus Hoffman
Solution Architect Manager



On-demand webinar