All information in one place with NRC’s new intranet

Episerver CMS was the choice for Northland Regional Council because of its’ ease-to-use, straightforward templates, multi language ability and other benefits.

"We called for a rigorous parade of products and suppliers, looking for a complete package that would team a very good product up with a company to bring a full service attitude to meeting our needs". Jason Dawson, Communications Relations Team Leader, NRC.

There was a widening information gap with no central source of data for all to use and a one dimensional newsletter that dated quickly and missed opportunities to build better staff culture and communication.

Ease of use

NRC's team on project Express all had experience of varying intranet products from their time in other organisations. Cost overruns and gaps in support were identified as common pitfalls.

Episerver CMS was selected as the right content management system to sit within the NRC environment, being chosen predominantly for its ease of use. Jason Dawson puts it succinctly by saying "We are communicators, not developers."

With over 110 staff spread across several departments and offices, NRC needed a product that would be easy to use and publish with, offered straightforward templates and custom workflow processes for editing, multi language ability, a strong search mechanism, had a great feel visually, and had plenty of scope to be an interactive experience.

A four-week deadline

An aggressive four-week deadline was another factor in choosing the Episerver CMS product. As a pre-built answer it had proven functionalities that NRC could tick off from a lengthy requirements list.

"We made the deadline because Intergen put the level of dedication it said it would into the project - across all areas. Being essentially a pre-built package, we could run with it quickly and we felt confident there would be no surprises in its delivery."

What took hours today takes minutes

NRC now has a multi dimensional experience that's good news on many fronts, whether it is purely business related or building NRC's internal culture. Friday's frantic deadline for the old emailed newsletter is history.

Around 75 % of NRC's staff use Express on a regular daily basis with social areas getting high usage.

Express is a one-stop shop for information. And it doesn't stop there. What took hours is now up to the minute with Episerver CMS.

User-friendly (even for the techno-phobe!)

Tracey Morris, Online Communications Officer, NRC

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Partner contact
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