Partner event

For første gang i Danmark har vi samlet 4 af vores add-ons partnere til et eksklusivt indblik i mulighederne med disse add-ons produkter. Dette event er udelukkende for Episerver partnere!


Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center,
Arni Magnussons Gade 2,
1577 København V

Dagen er tiltænkt både forretningsudviklere, projektledere, sælgere og udviklere der vil vide mere om de forretningsmæssige muligheder med DAM, PIM, Sales/Merchandising automation, Marketing Automation mv., og naturligvis hvilke type projekter de typisk indgår i.

Program for dagen:

12:30 – 12:45 Velkomst v/Episerver

12:45 – 13:15 ”How to improve both project implementation speed and endcostumer happiness with ImageVault as Media Asset Management System for Episerver” v/Torbjörn Nilsson,                               Imagevault

    • USP's
      • Best Media Asset Management integration on the market with Episerver.
      • StandAlone usage is included for free when purchased with Episerver.
      • ImageVault is everything you need to securely and easily store, find and use all your digital media assets.
      • Saves time and help editors publish media in formats optimized for the web or other usage

    • Why should the partners use your product?
      • Shorter time to develop websites where media is commonly used
      • A product that the whole customer organization can benefit from. Not just the IT department
      • Integrate existing media sources using the API
      • Commission on sold licenses
    • Which type of projects are you typically involved in?
      • Where media is of prominent, the organization has got more then 200-300 digital files and more then 2-3 editors
      • Danisch examples are PrimeraTravel(Solresor), Telenor and some Swedish are SF Bio, SEB, Tele2, Fagerhult, Höganäs, Kriminalvården and a lot of counties and  county councils)

13:15– 13:45 “Online merchandising and personalisation - how hard can it be?”  v/Sören Meelby, Apptus

Selecting the right products and content to show customers is easy, right? It must be. If it were hard, retailers would have people dedicated to the task – people with super job titles, using clever tools and secret sauce. They’d wear cool clothes and carry ironic clipboards. These people don’t exist, ergo neither does the problem. Well, the problem does exist, and it’s bigger than you can imagine. Sören Meelby, VP of marketing at Apptus, those e-commerce experts from Sweden, will adress this in a light hearted (but insightful) journey through the world of online merchandising and personalisation.

    • USP's
      • eSales makes a personalized and optimized productshowing possible for all parts of your website for all visitors.
      • eSales streamlines e-commerce organizations by using automized optimization to give you a dynamic and selling e-commerce site.
      • eSales increases sales and helps you reach your growth plans
    • Why should the partners use your product?
      • By using Apptus eSales the partners will be in the best position to create ROI through a relevant visitor experience on the eCommerce projects they implement for their customers 
    • Which type of project are you typically involved in?
      • Apptus works for companys who have a large productcatalogue and a lot of traffic on their site. Apptus have a lot of different customers f.ex.  AO Johansen ( ”Commerce site of the year ” at Episerver Update in Copenhagen 2014) and Intersport (Winner of the eCommerce category at Episerver Awards 2014 in Sweden)

13:45 – 14:30 Pause - Networking, kaffe og kage

14:30 – 15:00 “inRiver PIM new features and new cases” Indlæg v/Jesper Larsen, inRiver

      • inRiver PIM concept
      • News in inRiver PIM 6
      • Customer cases
    • UPS's
      • Of the shelf PIM application 
      • Easy to use interfaces
      • Low total cost of ownership
      • Professional partner community 
    • Why should the partners use your product?
      • 100% partner strategy, we do not compete with our partners
      • inRiver is a platform independent PIM solution for any ERP and ecom integration
      • +150 references in 16 markets
      • Joint sales efforts and marketing events

15:00 – 15:30 Indlæg v/Simon Lye, Alliance Manager, Silverpop

Silverpop is a cloud-based (SaaS) marketing platform that makes it easy for marketers to track customer behaviours across a variety of touch points, and use those behaviours to drive relevance in the content and timing of messages; specifically emails, SMS and website content.

    • UPS's
      • Silverpop provides marketing automation and email marketing capabilities in a single product, allowing clients to adopt behavioural marketing automation at scale in a single platform.
      • Silverpop’s ease of integration, flexible data structure and single identity capability ensures clients can capture and use more behaviour from more sources and leverage this to drive highly personalised interactions at scale, with little to no IT involvement.
      • Silverpop is easy to use and provides excellent speed to market.

    • Why should the partners use your product?
      • Episerver's preferred partner for Marketing automation and email.
      • To deliver more personalised and relevant customer experience by combining marketing automation with your website as a fully integrated solution.
      • Opportunity to deliver services around the combined implementation of Silverpop with Episerver. Silverpop consulting partners typically would offer services around implementation, integration, execution, creative, etc. depending on their expertise.

    • Which type of project are you typically involved in?
      • Silverpop can work with customers of almost any size and across most verticals.
      • Leveraging Marketing Automation and Episerver to dramatically improve Customer Experience

15:30 – 16:00 Networking