Episerver Q1 '18 Release

Episerver's Q1 '18 Release marks the announcement of one new product, one new feature, and a multitude of enhancements across the platform.

New Product: Episerver Insight

Part of Episerver Personalization, Episerver Insight empowers companies to both collect and visualize anything from personal details and preferences to transaction history, attributes, classifications, and the multichannel customer journey.

  • Organize and store data according to individual or group profiles and journeys, personas and persona journeys, segments, and multi-dimensional segments.
  • Filter and create dynamic segments.
  • Use information like profile details, preferences, transaction history, attributes and more to inform marketing campaigns.
  • Use information like clickstreams, social and other profile details and preferences, transactional history, device and location data, organizational attributes and more to enrich, inform and drive your marketing campaigns to the next level
  • Do all of this while supporting the right to be forgotten and being compliant with modern PII and privacy regulations like the EU GDPR

Episerver Insight is available to order for all Episerver customers, including Digital Experience Cloud Service and on-premise deployments. Chat to one of our experts to learn more about how to boost your marketing campaigns!

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New Feature: Headless


The Episerver Digital Experience Cloud now has a new headless API for collecting and updating content. This makes it possible to use Episerver CMS with a headless approach. Content can be published on mobile and web applications, for example, without losing Episerver’s powerful content management capabilities.


  • Build hybrid applications that combine Episerver’s content delivery system with your own channels, such as apps, digital signage, speech interfaces, and point-of-sale.
  • The robust, REST-based API makes it easy to create your own integrations, even for applications that are not based on HTML.
  • Support entirely headless applications, with the content delivery system completely decoupled from Episerver CMS, while keeping capabilities for project management, collaboration and editing.

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CMS Updates

  • Episerver has added a new Canadian region to the Digital Experience Cloud Service
  • In cooperation with the launch of the new Headless Delivery API, support for Single Page Application has been improved
  • Change approvals have been added for improved workflow management
  • Automatic Image Optimization has been added to the Digital Experience Cloud service for ease of editing
  • Datacapture via Forms is now available for Episerver Campaign
  • This release includes a new and improved Digitial Experience Cloud Service dashboard

Commerce Updates

  • Permissions have been improved across product catalogs to ensure tighter control over users with rights to modify
  • Episerver now offers full support for OpenID Connect through Episerver Commerce
  • Incremental indexing has been added for faster performance
  • This release also includes the ability to exclude discounts at the item level


Episerver Campaign Update

Episerver Campaign enables you to easily manage campaigns across web, mobile, email and text messages. In the Q1 ’18 Release, we’ve added even more features and capabilities to an already robust campaign management product, including: 

  • The ability to “Publish Campaign” where users can copy Smart Campaigns to other clients
  • A Device Type dimension in Deep Analytics enabling users to group reports by device type like smartphone or tablet
  • Improved category depth, with product catalogs integrated to the shop system now having up to ten category levels
  • The ability to group link types like normal links, double opt-in links, and online version links in Deep Analytics
  • Iframe Support for integration in the Episerver dashboard
  • An enhanced REST API with the ability to associate target groups in a node with “and” and “or”
  • Support for S/MIME certified sender addresses
  • The ability to integrate Facebook and Twitter posts into your messages
  • The use of dynamic CSV and XML articles to send personalized product recommendations

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