Episerver Q2 '18 Release

Our Q2 '18 Release brings to you our new product Episerver Advance as well as a multitude of enhancements for Episerver CMS, Episerver Commerce and Episerver Campaign. See what's new!

Episerver Advance

Episerver Advance helps marketers and editors solve the challenge of delivering relevant content to people when and where they need it. Transcending the capabilities of traditional, rules based personalization, Episerver Advance draws on cognitive artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse the behaviour of visitors, determine their intent, and present assets based on real-time visitor activity. Thus  ensuring that individual  visitors see the best content to support their inferred intent or goals. This means that organisations can accelerate their important KPI’s such as conversion, click through rate, and engagement.

Vary content based on user experience and needs:

  • Manage the experience automatically or through rules
  • Sequence content based on the user journey and where customers are in that process
  • Create omnichannel content recommendations for all users
  • Do all of this while supporting the right to be forgotten and with modern PII and privacy regulations like the EU GDPR

Check out this demo for a hands-on introduction.

Updates for Episerver CMS

Customers of Episerver CMS can look forward to improvements on page rankings and performacne as well as our improved Rich text editor.

Page Ranking & Performance

  • Secure connections 
    Customers will now default to modern encryption protocols, to ensure high page ranking, better data privacy and increased performance along with http/2.
  • Automatic Image Optimization
    Images are automatically optimized to reduce load time and increase page ranking.

New and improved Rich text editor

  • Drag and Drop
    The editor now has better drag and drop support for more comfortable content editing.
  • TinyMCE
    The WYSWIYG HTML editor is on the very latest version of TinyMCE

Updates for Episerver Commerce

For customers of Episerver Commerce the focus for this release has been on improving page ranking and performance in addition to content recommendations via Episerver Advance

Page Ranking & Performance

  • Secure connections
    High page ranking, better data privacy and increased performance along with http/2, by customers now defaulting to modern encryption protocols.
  • Automatic Image Optimization
    Thanks to automatic optimization of images, load times are reduced and page rankings increased.

Updates for Episerver Campaign

For customers of Episerver Campaign important functionalities for GPDR compliance as well as improvments for analysis and send time optimization are included in this release. 

GDPR Compliance

  • Data Processing
    Added functionality to processes for addressing upcoming regulation

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