Fall ’15 Features

The Fall ’15 launch of the Digital Experience Cloud marks the converged release of the new Episerver platform, and offers multiple benefits to marketers, merchandizers and IT specialists looking to create an even more engaging digital experience.


Features for Digital Marketing

Enhance Project Management and Team Collaboration

Enhanced Projects functionality provides comprehensive team collaboration and project management tools to coordinate, streamline and, better manage content development activities across the organization. Projects now let you comment and collaborate with colleagues, track revisions, and preview and publish content.

  • Create campaigns with pages, media assets and blocks
  • Launch products or initiatives with full confidence
  • Collaborate on content projects without affecting other marketers or web editors

Generate More Leads with New Forms

Fall ‘15 gives marketers a new forms engine and forms builder with a simplified user experience that offers a rapid and ultra-flexible way to build forms via drag and drop functionality. Marketers can now support process automation with the ability to customize the presentation, conditional formatting, and even pre-populate and personalize forms with data from marketing apps.

  • Build forms using drag and drop
  • Add validation and conditions to form fields
  • Build multi-step forms with customizable flow

Be More Productive with Instant Templates

Instant Templates empowers content editors to create their own re-usable templates from within edit mode. Users can now leverage a library of reusable components (i.e. blog entries, news items, videos, etc.) to create content once, and use it in multiple ways – across multiple sites, audiences and channels – all while ensuring brand consistency.

  • Speed up content production
  • Avoid repetitive and tedious tasks
  • Create a library of reusable components

Connect to Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365

Fall ‘15 includes a brand new SharePoint Connector – part of the Digital Experience Hub™ – which makes it easy to access and work with SharePoint content libraries from within the Digital Experience Cloud via a simple drag and drop approach. The connector offers broad support for the latest Microsoft release including SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Foundation 2013, and SharePoint Online.

  • Set up asset libraries in Sharepoint and mirror them in Episerver
  • Work with custom lists and document libraries
  • Add custom processing of items

Features for Digital Commerce

Track and Optimize Digital Commerce Campaigns

Addressing the need for greater agility and performance in digital marketing efforts, the new digital commerce campaign functionality enables marketers and merchandizers to organize commerce activities into campaigns and assign unique business rules, easily define discounting and promotion logic, and apply key performance indicators to each.

  • Create and schedule campaigns and set revenue or transaction goals for each campaign
  • Track campaign impact with live performance updates
  • Create and manage discounts for each campaign

Create Flexible Promotions with Intuitive Discount Creation

With the new discounts functionality, marketers and merchandizers can quickly create discounts for effective merchandizing. Using an intutitve drag and drop interface, you can create and schedule discounts that meet your business needs. With a number of built-in discount types and the ability to easily extend them, there are no limits to the kinds of discounts you can create.

  • Drag and drop items and categories from the catalog browser or search window and quickly select discount logic
  • Built-in multi-buy discounts, combination discounts, delivery discounts and currency specific discounts
  • Easily create custom discounts with API for discount logic and discount user interface

Get a Head Start with Commerce Reference Implementation

The new “Quicksilver” commerce best practice reference implementation allows organizations of any size to get up and running on the digital commerce capabilities of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud quickly. Quicksilver makes it easy to get started with a robust reference architecture that includes shopping cart, check out, search and indexing pre-configuration – significantly reducing time to value.