Episerver Q4 ’17 Release

Episerver’s Q4 ’17 Release marks the announcement of one new product, new platform capabilities, and security and productivity enhancements across the platform.

New product: Episerver Personalized Find

Part of Episerver Personalization, Personalized Find brings the power of the Episerver Personalization algorithms to search results, enabling ranking based on the interests of the individual visitor.

  • Faceted navigation helps customers quickly and intuitively drill down to products they’re most interested in
  • Guided search enhances the search experience the moment a user begins to type a search phrase
  • Behavioral boosting monitors customers’ search queries and actions, learning from their behavior to yield the most relevant results

Episerver Personalized Find is available to order for all Episerver Commerce customers, including DXC service and on-premise deployments. 

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New Feature: Automatic Failover

New in the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud platform, Automatic Failover adds the capability for a Service Instance that serves production traffic out of one datacenter, to automatically failover the production Application Environment to a replicated Application in another datacenter – avoiding a disruption of service. 

  • Automatic – no manual intervention needed
  • Maintain high availability in the event of an outage
  • Route traffic to a secondary geographically redundant location within the same customer delivery region

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New feature: Data Encryption

New in the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud platform, all marketing and commerce data stored in Service Instance(s) is automatically encrypted at the storage level to protect against the threat of malicious activity by performing real-time encryption and decryption of the data, backups, and log files.

  • All cloud storage encrypted at rest
  • No impact in UI or APIs
  • Automatic key management

New feature: Self-service Deployment

New in the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud platform, customers can now deploy changes directly from Integration to Pre-production via the Digital Experience Cloud Service Management Portal, rather than sending a ticket to the Service Desk.

  • No need to schedule deployments in advance
  • Deploy immediately, when required
  • Request access on Episerver World

CMS updates

  • The CMS now remembers the last selected view mode, ensuring a smoother editing experience
  • Editors configuring approval sequences can require comments for declined or approved changes
  • Use normal access groups to define reviewers when configuring approval sequences
  • Mark scheduled jobs as restartable in case of system shutdown
  • Export form submissions to xslx format
  • Delete form submissions in bulk, rather than individually

Commerce updates

  • Augment search result relevancy by known, previous and current user behavior with Personalized Find
  • Merchandisers can drag and drop products to position independently in each location
  • Improved processing in discount engine, when business has 100s of active discounts
  • Use Campaign management interface to search for discounts
  • Filter campaigns and discounts
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns by tracking the number of orders discounted in the Campaign management interface
  • Improved catalog import performance
  • Service API updates including new Order and Customer methods to help integrate other applications and systems with Episerver Commerce data

Episerver Social Update

  • Customers who would like to try out Episerver Social can now turn on their own free trial instance through a new Social Demo Portal. All that’s needed is an account on world.episerver.com.