Spring ’16 Features

For the last three months, we have added a number of features and improvements to broaden and enhance the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud platform. Our top priorities has been to make it even easier and more efficient to use, and to take Episerver in the cloud even further.

Watch Justin Anovick,
Sr. Director of Product Management,
introduce the Spring ’16 Launch


Empowering the Marketer

One-Step A/B Testing

Seamlessly integrated into Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™, the improved A/B testing feature streamlines the marketing content production workflow as part of a brand’s overall digital experience optimization strategy. 

  • Zero-effort testing: test-on-publish
  • Picks the right option without need to re-publish
  • Integral part of the authoring and campaign experience

In-app Communication for Content Teams

For the Spring ’16 launch, we have improved Projects even further. We have added a simple way to communicate within the team, where you’ll get a notification whenever you get a new message. You can comment on any change or any asset, and tag team members to intuitively create ad-hoc workflows.

  • Comment and tag teams members for easy project communication
  • Send content items for review, edit or approval to named members
  • Get instant notifications in the authoring environment

Empowering the Merchandizer

New Discount Types and Promo Codes

Merchandizers appreciate the Episerver platform because it enables them to do more, and be more effective. With this release, we’re further enhancing the capabilities for merchandizers with even more discount types and support for more elaborate discount and promotion rules.

  • Discount evaluators and redemption limits
  • Sorting and exclusion management
  • Visitor group targeting

Empowering Developers and IT

New Cloud-Based Social API

We are introducing a new micro-service for social content and communication, available now as a developer beta. This is a very exciting new API aimed at developers that look to enhance Episerver websites with comments, reviews, ratings, groups and activity streams.

  • Customer engagement: comments, ratings and reviews
  • Community engagement: activity streams, groups
  • Flexible moderation: Work with any kind of user-generated content

Updates for Digital Experience Cloud Service and Episerver Find

With the Spring ’16 launch, we have added support for extending the service with additional web apps. We are also adding a great security option, along with SSL support for all plans without at no extra cost. Finally, we have 

  • Add additional web apps in the same Digital Experience Cloud Service account
  • SSL support is now included at no extra cost in all Digital Experience Cloud Service packages, option to use Microsoft’s Web Application Firewall
  • New module for advance language stemming in Episerver Find to further improve search relevance

New Service Pack 3 for Ektron 9.1

Ektron 9.1 sees a number of enhancements with Service Pack 3, which includes search improvements, support for Microsoft’s latest browser, and security enhancements.

  • Boosting for Solr site search
  • Microsoft Edge browser support
  • TLS 1.2 encryption support
  • Platform corrections and updates