Summer ’15 features

The Summer ’15 launch of the Digital Experience Cloud offers new features and improvements that make Marketers and Merchandizers more productive, and lets you offer a personalized experience with less effort. Get a detailed overview of all the new features.

Features for Digital Marketing

Simplified project management

The content project management features that were introduced in the Spring ’15 launch has been expanded, and now offers a new project overview, automatic adding of content to the current project, and a new projects bar that help you quickly preview and switch between projects.

New property comparison feature

Marketers can now easily compare different versions or translations of a page and see a detailed view of which properties that differ, with the ability to copy property values between versions or translations.

Extended search view and flexible properties

When you search for blocks or media assets you can now immediately act upon the items in the results list. You can now cut, copy or edit features directly, making your workflow quicker and easier. 

Enhanced overview of Best Bets

Working with Best Bets in Episerver Find, you now see the status of each page that you link to. This enables you to quickly find Best Bets that link to content that is not published or has expired. The status display is updated in real time when an editor publishes a page.

Smart list block

As a Marketer, you often would like to list a number of content assets, products or pages. With the new smart list block, you can leverage the relevance engine of Episerver Find to quickly create a smart list that pulls content or products from the entire site. You can use text queries or different filters to select what content that you want displayed in the list.

Features for Digital Commerce

Manage all users and roles in one place

Commerce Manager users and roles can now be managed from the CMS admin view, in a similar fashion as for CMS and Commerce. This makes it easy to securely manage customer service, order management and fulfiment roles, all in one place.

Extended search view with drag-and-drop

When you search for products you can now immediately act upon the items in the results list. You can now cut, copy or edit features directly, and you can also drag products from the search results right into properties or content fields. This makes it even easier for Merchandizers to work with products and combine products with content.